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Smooth, Rich, Mellow

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let me say about that baby Oct. 14th, 2006 @ 12:17 pm
25,000 students and no twins. what's that shit. just a lot of albinos. heh, and james might come next year. at least travis said he saw him on a tour the other day.

so i'll be home in like 4 hours if my dad doesn't get lost, so if you love me, hit me up.

Jan. 22nd, 2006 @ 04:53 pm
So its Rich again!!

I am sitting in my bedroom which is currently also occupied by three delicious ladies:
1.) Meg Zandi Esq.
2.) Eliza Behlen III
3.) Christina Louise, Mistress of Pain

i have to go.


Dec. 14th, 2005 @ 01:40 am
wow, yeah. i'ma have to say that beck and stepanie were the authors of that last entry of mine. i was eating a bagel in the kitchen and step knew my password, so they wrote all of that.

anyways, not gonna lie, i'm a little buzzed right now. party at adam rooneys house? that was weird. saw hoffman there! and special K and kyle. played some pool. good times, good kids. got drunk in scandia with tom, trent, richie, capecci, and grahm beforehand. that was excellent.

so yeah! i need to get a job because my parents are "fucking annoying" ~rich, just now. i think i'ma hit up emily.

i'll post more often. i just have to sit on my floor in order to use my computer. kinda sucks, but it's for the better.

Current Mood: awake
Current Music: digable planets

meg is hot May. 13th, 2005 @ 06:39 pm
I never update anymore. I eat beggles.

I also like dinosaurs and kittens. and Beck's titties.

I mean. ahem. just think of cat eyes.

I have to poop now. bye.

soy un perdedor Apr. 22nd, 2005 @ 11:12 pm
so yesterday i got into a fight with the shower handle... and lost.
then at a party i got into a fight with the floor... and lost.

i'll try updating more often, sorry... and lost.
Other entries
» eh
yeah, so now i'm leaving on wednesday next week because my philosophy teacher decided not to give us our final on monday like he should have, the bastart. but it's cool because i'm going me to some u of i next weekend with gale to see tina and liah. i'm sure i'll see the others who go there too. then on monday, i'm going the u of iowa to take meg home. it's gonna be a good weekend, next weekend that is. this weekend should be good too. had a fun mickeys night last night. lots of cops on our floor though because of a fight. ooh, huka bar on sunday, half price.
» this is a sad day
Ken Jennings just lost on jeopardy. Whyyyyy? What kind of a cruel joke was that? This is the first episode i've watched since i left for school, and he lost. I think i'm gonna cry now... and eat... a lot... of food.

» who's the doofis now?
i actually went to all my classes today. not that i usually don't go to all my classes, i just havn't been to logic in a week and a half. it sucked though because we talked about swans the whole time. i don't know what that was all about. swans get pretty damn boring after 50 minutes. and i didn't miss my meeting with my english teacher today, which i missed the last time. and we watched a movie in sociology. good day. not bad.

» northern lights?
yeah, so there is this gigantic band of green lights stretching across the sky. their like vertical bands just sitting there, and they move a little too. they don't look like they are from something on the ground because they don't connect to the ground at all. it's like a midnight rainbow. someone please explain if they can. they've been here all night. i don't get it.

oh, and it's a really clear night, so i can see the starts, meaning it's not something reflecting from the ground onto the clouds.

i'm just wondering because the only thing i could think of was the northern lights, and i didn't think you could see them this far south. maybe they've always been there and i'm just an idiot. tell me this isn't common?
» I'll comment you motha effaaaaa
and stir-fry you in my wok
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